More about Excellent Wood Restoration Services

If your deck or wood fence is broken or damaged and you think it needs a light repair, then hiring professional wood restoration services is what you should do. Even though we are renowned for being one of the finest cleaning service providers in Costa Mesa, CA, we, at All Star Cleaning, can offer you excellent restoration solutions at very reasonable rates.

With time, decks, patio furniture, fences, and other wood elements can become degraded due to its continuous exposure to weather and a lot of abuse from our activities with it. The wood becomes discolored and needs a total makeover. Our company in Costa Mesa, CA is available for your wood restoration needs. Stay on this page to learn what we can do for you!

Our wood cleaning package includes a light pressure washing of the wood to remove the dead fibers and the old sealer. Depending on the type and condition of the wood, we will use different methods to achieve the results you expect. Our experts are well experienced and highly skilled in handling the washing of the wood and always take precautions so as not to damage your structures during the process.

We use a specialized cleanser and technical equipment to reform your fence, deck, porch, or patio furniture. After we have restored the amazing look of your wood, our specialists will come back to apply a specified sealer to protect your structures from all sorts of conditions, including water damage. The sealer will give the wood a lovely finish and make it glow like brand new.

Our specialists will help you select the best sealer color that suits your taste and matches your wood. Whether you need just a cleaning service or professional wood restoration services, do not hesitate to contact our team in Costa Mesa, CA. Let us help you remove the mildew, dirt, and stains from your decks or fences to rejuvenate their natural appearance.

Apart from wood restoration, we also perform minor repairs and replacements of broken or rotten boards and planks. For property maintenance and the protection of your wood, call All Star Cleaning at (949) 259-2586 now.